What do we do &
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We call it “The VPP Difference.” It’s how we take our partner practices’ success to an entirely different level – a mix of the right team members and strategies that have been honed through years of experience.

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So What's the VPP Difference?

We’ve tested and refined our strategies year after year, ensuring that when it comes to growing and improving a veterinary clinic, we’re the best in the biz. Afterall, you don’t get to 60+ partner practices with industry leading practice growth without a little know-how. 

Simple strategies. Sophisticated Execution.

Marketing is not magic, but it does require a lot of know-how that they don’t teach in veterinary school. With a partner like VPP, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your reminder process is hitting all the marks, or that you’re missing out on getting new clients through the door.  

Unless marketing is something you’re keenly interested in keeping up on, it can get away from you quickly. At VPP, we pride ourselves on our sophisticated client retention processes, and cutting-edge online client acquisition strategies. For our partner practices, our empirically-proven marketing strategies continue to translate into year after year above average revenue growth without above average spending.

How We Help

Reminders · Online Advertising · Print Materials · Websites · Social Media · Post-Appointment Surveys

"We tirelessly track our reminder data, ensuring that your practice never misses the chance to treat a patient who is due for a visit."

Amanda Candelaria
Senior Analyst

"let me take the headache of challenging hr situations off your hands. my team has got you covered."

lindsey Botsford
HR Manager

Challenging HR Situations are our Specialty.

In a very tight veterinary labor market – 5 open DVM positions for every graduate – we support our team with sophisticated and thoughtful recruiting strategies leading to stronger candidates. 

When it comes to staffing, most business owners grapple with the same issues:

How to hire the right person.
How to give a performance review.
How to handle a challenging HR situation.

None of these are easy and proper execution makes all the difference. VPP has deep experience working through all types of personnel questions.

What does this mean for our partners? They can rest easier knowing that we are there to help them tackle any and all situations 24/7/365.

How We Help

Recruiting Support · Training & Development · Payroll · Employee Benefits

Business Ownership is a Journey. Have an Operations Expert by Your Side for Every Step Of Yours.

Our operations experts are with your practice manager every step of the way, working shoulder-to-shoulder to make necessary improvements.  What does that mean for our partner practices? They have a team of experienced professionals to not only help deal with life’s fire drills but to also tackle bigger projects.

Our operations expertise runs a wide gamut, but we pride ourselves especially on scheduling analysis, inventory management, PMS management/support, and price change implementation/advice.  All the stuff that happens behind the scenes to make the practice run like a well-oiled machine. 

How We Help

Scheduling · Inventory · Systems & Pricing · IT Support

"WE ARE A TRUSTED PARTNER THAT HELPS YOUR PRACTICE MANAGER (AND YOU) make necessary changes to your practice over time."

Jamie Jamnik
Regional Operations Manager

"We pride ourselves on uncovering financial insights that let our partners make more informed decisions."

Christian DeChurch
Vice President of Finance

Translating Numbers into Action.

A bookkeeper can do the day-to-day books. A consultant can analyze an aspect of clinic performance. An accountant can prepare your financial statements. VPP’s finance & accounting team has all those bases covered for your practice… and more. 

The VPP difference is that we provide you with comprehensive back-office support, coupled with the financial analysis and insights you need to make better decisions for the health of your practice.

Our partners focus their time on patient care and the client experience, while we take on business support and provide regular financial reporting.

It’s a synergy that helps our partners focus on what they love to do.

How We Help

Reporting · Vendor contracts · Payroll · Accounts Payable


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