Unique Opportunities - Veterinary Practice Partners

Dr. Andrew Turkell

Calusa Veterinary Center
Partnered in March 2013

Unique Opportunities

Additional, “Satellite” Locations

  • Situation: You have identified an underserved geography that would benefit from having a veterinary practice.
  • VPP’s Experience: Having built satellite locations for our partners, we have experience in performing in-depth opportunity assessments, analyzing residential demographics, collaborating with architects and construction firms, and marketing new locations to let them hit the ground running. Additionally, we know when a seeming opportunity can be a financial disaster, and can strategize alternatives for capturing whatever opportunity truly does exist.

Case Study

Read about Dr. McGinn’s decision to partner with VPP & his opportunity to open a second location.

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Practice Mergers

  • Situation: You have the opportunity to purchase a competing practice or its customer list and wish to merge it with your main location.
  • VPP’s Experience: Stemming client attrition can be the biggest challenge in merging two practices together. VPP’s management team has experience maximizing the potential in such opportunities and can easily sort through the logistics of data migration and deploying its sophisticated marketing platform to ensure that as many pet owners as possible transition over to the new location.

Case Study

Learn how VPP helped Dr. Burnett at Palmetto Animal Hospital acquire a neighboring hospital's customer list.

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Practice Construction & Expansions

  • Situation: Your practice has outgrown its physical space and you are ready for an expensive, and potentially treacherous, new build or building expansion.
  • VPP’s Experience: For most veterinarians constructing a new building is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, and getting it right is critical. It’s important to note that every veterinary practice is limited by the area it is able to serve. Such a complex opportunity assessment, pre-construction, can optimize a project’s chances for success, and curtail unnecessary spending. VPP’s management team can determine what the true opportunity is for a practice, assist in defining the construction project’s scope, and target the practice’s marketing focus at opening to ensure the new space quickly generates incremental revenue and profits for the business.

Debt Relief & Restructuring

  • Situation: The effects of the 2008 recession are still being felt by many practice owners. Construction or practice acquisition debt in the face of declining revenues has pushed some owners to the brink.
  • VPP’s Experience: Negotiating debt relief and catalyzing new growth are the best remedies for combatting financial distress at a practice. VPP has assisted several practices with both strategies to turnaround practice owners’ fortunes. Its experienced management team is able to determine opportunities for balance reductions and can leverage its successful growth programs to accelerate a reversal at just about any practice.

Case Study

Read about VPP & our partners at Calusa Veterinary Center’s ability to combat financial distress together.

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