Mid-Career Owners - Veterinary Practice Partners

Dr. Lee Burnett

Palmetto Animal Hospital
Partnered in April 2012

Mid-Career Owners

Common Career Viewpoints

  • From a clinical perspective, your practice is a standout, but from a business perspective, it can feel like you’re constantly treading water.
  • Vet school did not at all prepare you for the trials and tribulations of things like marketing, hiring, inventory management, etc.
  • The amount of time spent each week on “management” would be better devoted to your family or personal pursuits.
  • You would still like to practice medicine for 5-25 more years.
  • While retirement is still a long ways off, now is the time to begin enhancing the overall value of the practice by growing revenue and profits in a meaningful way.

Case Study

Read about Dr. Burnett, a mid-career practice owner, and his decision to partner with VPP.

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Benefits of Selling a Stake in Your Practice to VPP

  • Beginning on Day 1, VPP would assume responsibility for the business side of the practice and all of the headaches that go along with it. You remain in charge of the clinical side of the practice and can focus on fostering relationships with clients and their pets.
  • Since you are only selling a portion of the practice to VPP today, you get to “take some money off the table” now (making your financial advisor happy) but continue getting distribution of profits for years to come.
  • Without the extra time you need to spend on managing the practice after hours, you have more time to spend with family, friends, etc. Vacations of more than a couple days are now completely feasible.
  • With VPP’s proven practice growth strategies, the overall value of your stake is poised to rise over the next 5-25 years while you continue as an owner-practitioner, better positioning you financially at retirement.