Early-Career Owners - Veterinary Practice Partners

Dr. Michael Funk

Levittown Animal Hospital
Partnered in May 2016

Early-Career Owners

Common Career Viewpoints

  • You recently purchased a practice or are about to purchase one and while you see huge opportunity in it, you also see a huge ongoing commitment in terms of time, money, emotion, etc.
  • While financing is available to you to own a practice, the debt would be layered on top of existing student loans.
  • While you don’t have deep experience in running a practice, you have identified several industry consultants to help you reach your goals by providing recommendations.
  • You fully expect to practice medicine for 30-40 years, most of it as an owner.

Case Study

Read about Dr. Funk, an early-career practice owner, and his decision to partner with VPP.

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Benefits of Selling a Stake in Your Practice to VPP

  • The most difficult choices a new owner can make are which projects to tackle first. VPP’s broad experience would help you prioritize those that will add the most value to the practice and its people.
  • As a co-owner in the practice, VPP would shoulder a portion of the purchase price, lowering your financing needs to levels that can reduce stress and worry about taking on more debt.
  • Beginning on Day 1, VPP would assume responsibility for the business side of the practice and all of the headaches that go along with it, including the biggest one of all: implementing new ideas. While few owners are short on ideas, many, regardless of experience, are unable to find the time and resources to make all of those ideas a reality for the practice.
  • As a co-owner with VPP, you enjoy the benefits of practice ownership and the stability in knowing that your clinical role is secure for as long as you’d like.
  • Without the extra time you need to spend on managing the practice after hours, you have more time to spend with family, friends, etc.