Co-Ownership - Veterinary Practice Partners

Dr. Anjuli Hein

Indian Tree Animal Hospital
Partnered in June 2013


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What It Means

We work as joint owners whose mission is 100% aligned in helping your practice reach its full potential, while helping you, the veterinarian, achieve your personal and professional goals. VPP buys 50% – 65% of your practice, supporting key business functions, and you continue your role both as owner and clinical leader of your hospital.

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How It Works

We believe in working as a team and playing to our respective strengths.

  • Our veterinarian partners and their associates drive medical leadership and oversee all clinical functions to ensure that the highest quality medicine is made available to the hospital’s patients.
  • VPP teams lead the business functions that are needed to keep the practice running smoothly, providing marketing, operational, finance, accounting and human resources services and expertise.

Our veterinarian partners and VPP make all the major decisions jointly. Please see the Practice Management section of our site to learn about the ways we help our partner hospitals thrive.

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How We Make Key Decisions

We structure our partnership agreements so that major decisions require approval from both VPP and the veterinarian co-owner before action can be taken. Some decisions that typically require VPP and partner veterinarian approval include:

  • Hiring and termination of associate veterinarians
  • Large equipment purchases
  • Practice expansions
  • Taking on practice debt
  • Annual budgeting

Our partnership agreement ensures that neither VPP nor our partner can dictate key decisions to the other party, and allows us to work together to overcome any differences, as in any true partnership.

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How We Work Together

VPP has many processes in place to ensure healthy communication with our hospital partners.

  • Weekly financial reports
  • Regular calls to review the business and ongoing projects
  • Budget process and review
  • Annual partner meeting
  • On-site visits by key VPP staff as needed
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Why Partner?

Each owner has his or her own story, but these are some of the most common reasons why our partners choose to work with us:

  • Financial Security: We provide owners financial security by purchasing a part of the practice
  • Better work-life balance: VPP takes on many of the non-clinical responsibilities
  • Improved Financial Performance: Veterinarians share in the success of improved performance
  • Continued Benefits: Partners continue to receive the benefits of ownership, including monthly profit distributions
  • Trusted Partners: They enjoy a focused, expert and reliable business partner whose incentives are aligned with their own