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100% Ownership

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Selling 100% of Your Practice

For many practice owners, their hospital is their life’s work. Its success is a product of many years of passion, dedication and effort, so choosing is a decision that is not taken lightly.

Owners want to make sure the torch is passed to an individual with the same commitment to deliver exceptional medicine and client experience. At the same time, owners want to realize the full financial value of the business they worked so enthusiastically and restlessly to build.

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Considerations for Exit Planning

A few reasons doctors decide to sell their clinic to VPP include:

  • Slowing down: I have been winding down my time in practice or am thinking of doing so in the near future, and my associates are seeing more of the clients these days.
  • Retirement: While I am ready to retire soon and my associates are top-notch clinicians, none are interested in or are ready to purchase the practice at this time.
  • Opportunity: Providing my associates with the opportunity to become owners in the future is important to me, but I cannot afford to wait until one of them is ready.
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Benefits of Selling Your Practice to VPP

Partnering with VPP can provide multiple benefits for both the owner(s) and the staff of the practice.

  • Competitive Pricing: VPP will offer you a competitive price for the purchase of your practice.
  • Business Management: Beginning on Day 1, VPP will assume responsibility for the business side of the hospital and all of the managerial headaches that go along with it.
  • Seamless Transition: We customize a plan for you to transition your responsibilities to VPP and the associate veterinarians, so that your practice does not skip a beat during the transition.
  • Associate Partnership: We believe veterinarian ownership is good for the profession, and encourage qualified associate veterinarians to buy an ownership stake in the hospital from VPP when they are ready.