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We understand that selling some or all of your practice is a big decision. By taking time to listen and learn about your professional and personal goals, we can create a proposal that works best for you. Click below to find out how other practice owners have successfully partnered with VPP.

VPP Key Industry Trends

  1. Recent pickup in growth
  2. Practice economics impacted by specialization
  3. GP practices working harder to keep cases in-house
  4. Better medical technology improves care but requires investment
  5. Online marketing more important than ever
  6. More corporate ownership in profession

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About Veterinary Practice Partners

Veterinary Practice Partners (VPP) is a trusted business partner to veterinarians. We co-own practices in partnership with veterinarians, and work relentlessly to grow and manage each practice, while retaining its unique identity and culture. VPP’s family of practices has enjoyed industry-leading growth and profitability improvements. Our team has deep experience in driving sustained, above-average revenue growth, cultivating exceptional practice staff, and overseeing back-office operations, including marketing, finance, accounting and human resources. Veterinarians partner with us because we enable them to focus on delivering high-quality patient care and foster lasting relationships with pet owners, while remaining owners in the practices they have committed a lifetime to building.